Learn About Flower Arrangements - Rarely Seen In The U.S

Behind every flower arrangement, is a story left untold.

What story could it be? Some send flowers based on the flower’s meaning and some rely on the design of the arrangement. Let a story unfold by asking questions like, “Does the floral design match the personality of my recipient?” or “Would the floral design complement my house’s interiors?”    

You can stop wondering now.

Here are 4 different types of flower arrangements you can choose from when buying the perfect floral present for your recipient.

Mass Arrangement. This kind of arrangement needs the presence of several plant materials. Most commonly called as the traditional arrangement, this look relies on symmetry and intricacy.   If you are looking for something decorative, then you might prefer this one because mass arrangements usually require eye-catching vases. The multicoloured facet is used in this style because colour is an important element in this classification. Think about tall, gorgeous flowers gathered together in the center arranged in varying heights plus loosely hanging foliage on the side. This definitely has the WOW factor.

Linear Arrangement. This type is more popularly known as the Ikebena which was transpired from the Japanese culture. If your recipient is into minimalism, they would surely appreciate the elegant simplicity in this arrangement. Only a few leaves, twigs and stem are used in this approach and space, not colour, is the important element. Despite the simplicity, Ikebanas are still considered to be a creative expression in flower arrangement.

Pave. This style has similar features with mass arrangement. The flowers are bundled together with no space and the overall appearance only shows the flowers with no visible stems. You can simply identify this look as a bouquet stuffed inside a vase. Unquestionably charming we must say.

Line-Mass Arrangement. When you see line-mass arranged flowers, you will notice asymmetry. That’s actually one of their distinguishing points. Here, you’ll see tall and short flowers in the centre combined with a spread of plants on the side. You can either put more emphasis on plants or with the flowers. This style is a unique choice for your unorthodox receiver.

Flower arrangements are an easy choice to buy as a floral gift for any celebration because it is ready for display and well... very attractive! It’s the best home decor; get well gift, and a heart warming low maintenance gift for the busy bees in your social and family circle.

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